INFINI. Unfinished. Unlimited. In-final. Infinity. Since time immemorial, there’s this seeming paradox: things that exist infinitely (or seemingly/relatively infinite) in the space-time continuum (assuming it’s continuous), are things that are never ‘final’, continuously adapting, mutating, flowing, in the dialectical dance with the surrounding ecosystem, with the laws and limitations of physics, entropy, gravity, with (and at one with) the universe – what is never final, never exists independently from its infinite universe. Finality will never last, entropy is not (always) on our side. Final-ity is fragility. To be antifragile is to be in-fini. To ceaselessly learn from mistakes and adapt. As Dr Ford put it, “Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake.” It costs the lives of so many of our ancestors in a gigantic 4 billion years of trial and error to endow us with this natural wisdom.


Coworking Ecosystem

We here, in INFINI, attempt to breathe this spirit in a co-working club. Workers, entrepreneurs, free-minds are the particles that combust the current evolution (of progress, hopefully, fingers crossed, we dont wanna get too cocky) in our Sapiens civilization. We hope we can organically – in trial and error – grow a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for workers. Probably it’s no accident that some of the greatest minds, greatest achievements and breakthroughs in history were sometimes born within close geographical proximity and within a relatively brief time-range – such is the effect of ecosystems: the philosophers of Athens, the artists of Florence, the tech titans of Silicon Valley. A few thousands meter square plot of land is no San Jose of course, but it’s a start, at the minimum we hope to be able to mimic the dynamics at the nano scale.

Throughout the evolution of our sub-species there’s this dialectics between our more basic ages-old nature, instincts, and social structure with the more dynamic, advanced, new technology, tools, political and economic structures. They evolve at different and non-linear paces, and they don’t always get along. The occasional gaps between the two sometimes result in alienation with our workspace and our own work – an activity that’s not necessarily just about hunting/gathering calories/wealth, but also self-actualization and meaning-fulfillment. Many argue that this alienation has accelerated since the Industrial Revolution as the technological and economic structure evolved in an exponential pace since. Thankfully, at the dawn of this century, we witness new breakthroughs that (hopefully) can roll back some of its excesses, and let us reconcile our work with our more basic senses and nature.

Here at INFINI, we hope we can participate in this reconciliation, or de-alienation with our work and workspace.


The Space

INFINI 1.0. The beginning. As the name goes, it’s unfinished, and hopefully we’ll never be finished. We try to strip architecture to the bare essentials, bare natural, and ‘bare functional’ – with minimum cosmetics and ‘finish’-ings. Sometimes Nature lets a system grows, then shakes it off once in a while to trim its excess, to separate the essentials from the noises.

Exposure to fresh air and wind, natural lighting from the sun. Exposure to raw honest materials. Exposure to the ecosystem. Exposure to change and flexibility. At least that’s how we interpret our vision to be robust in the face of ever-changing order (/disorder) as a function of time. Time. In our building materials, we experiment with a clash of tone from the past and the future, the ancient and the post-modern.

We provide private enclosed space and the more public open space the same way that our foremothers and forefathers need to roam, toil, and hunt – to work – in the open field, but occasionally need to retreat to their private caves and huts – a need that’s still deeply ingrained in the slowly-evolving primeval layer of our Operating System.