• 30 (thirty) days straight to our space
  • Unlimited high-speed internet access
  • We’re allowing 1 (one) laptop and 2 (two) other devices to connect our internet access
  • Get an access to our Zen Garden or balcony and feel the summer breeze in our space
  • Free pantry and use the stuff
  • Get 30 (thirty) days straight your personal locker
  • Get a special discount in our selected event
  • All the membership payment is up front.
  • We only accept IDR cash at the moment.
  • No pausing Memberships
  • Please mind your own belonging, we aren’t responsible for any damage or lost
  • We’re not allowing permanent set up at the space
  • Keep your voice in minimum level
  • No animal pet
  • Keep the place clean
  • Our pantry is for free but please clean it up when you’re done
  • Feel free to bring your outside drink/ food (but no alcohol & drugs)
  • Additional Printing is charged at A4 IDR500 
  • Storage lockers are subject to availability
  • Please pick up your belonging after your member expired
  • We’re not allowing mail service except local courier